Why is swimming/pool time a great form of exercise?

Why is swimming/pool time a great form of exercise? Facebook Twitter Youtube One of the most effective and malleable forms of exercise available. Exercising in the water decreases the stress on our joints and muscles. The water provides buoyancy, acting like a low gravity environment. while we move. Because of its density, water requires more […]

The History of Swimming Goggles

The History of swimming goggles Facebook Twitter Youtube To start with, goggles were not always used in recreation as they are today. Oldest known record of what could be considered goggles found in the 14th century, were tortoise shells that Persians used to cover their eyes while diving for pearls.The word goggles didn’t exist till […]

Posture in Diving

When people talk about good posture, most of us including myself think, shoulders back, spine tall. Posture is something you think about after spending copious amounts of time hunched over a computer. As in, oh God will I ever get my back straight again? Am I stuck to be bent over like an old crone […]

Should a child wear goggles when swimming ?

Should a child wear goggles when swimming ? There are several reasons why a child may want to use goggles when swimming. The most prevalent is goggles allow them to see. When underwater one’s senses get dulled, sounds travel badly and scent is nonexistent. You can see underwater without goggles of course but the sight […]

Aquatic Health

Swimming is a great way to exercise when healing from an injury or surgery. Water supports the body weight and lessens the impact on injured muscles and joints. It acts like a gravity free chamber where people can move more freely and with considerably less pain. It’s also a perfect environment for those who may […]