Meet The Team


The swimming pool was pretty much my babysitter growing up. I spent endless hours fooling around in the pool and tormenting the lifeguards. So, naturally it made sense to become one myself.

I started lifeguarding at 16 and shortly after began teaching swimming. I worked at the Derrick club while in University, which allowed me the opportunity to hone my teaching skills and focus in on the finite and tedious details of swimming. With countless hours in the water and close to 10 years experience I’ve become proficient at teaching all ages and skill levels.

I have since graduated University and work as a Registered Nurse in Critical Care but choose to continue coaching because I love it. Its hard to describe, but that moment when things start to click for a student brings me such tremendous joy, I’d have a hard time living without it.


Hello! My name is Andrea and I am currently in my third year of Education at the University of Alberta. I have taught swimming lessons as well as water safety for 5 years and have experience teaching people of all ages and skill levels. I also have experience working with children who have both physical and developmental disabilities.

I truly enjoy seeing my students develop their skills and techniques in the water. I get extremely excited when they exceed my expectations, overcome their fears and challenge themselves. I have always loved the water and I am thrilled for the opportunity to inspire others to feel the same!


Hello, I’m Emma.
My father gave me a pair of goggles when I was 8 years old and I haven’t been able to tear myself away from the water since.

Growing up in a small town, I started out in a swim club during middle school. Several years and certifications later I started working as an actual lifeguard.
I’ve been teaching swimming lessons for almost 5 years now and my favourite part of the job is the watching my students grow!
I love teaching people new skills or helping them improve on old ones.
I’ve taught Red Cross, Lifesaving society and British swim school. I like changing my teaching style depending on my students. As my main focus in each class is to give my students options in how they learn.
When it comes to developing any skill there is no one size fits all method and I hope to relay that to my students.

I have experience teaching with people of all ages and strongly believe it is never too late to learn


My name is Farid, I grew up in Egypt and have travelled around the world gaining experience as a swimming instructor as such I am fluent in Arabic, English, Ukrainian and Russian. 

I love teaching people how to swim and have dedicated a great deal of my life learning the sport and teaching others how to excel in swimming. My background consists of a degree in physical education with a specialisation in swimming. I also hold my Swimming Coach Level 2 certificate and Scuba diving certificate. With 10 years in the industry, I’ve remained passionate about working with children and adults to help guide, mentor and develop their swimming skills. 

In addition to my swimming career, I am also extremely interested in the IT world and recently graduated as an IT specialist in HTML and CSS. Both jobs allow me to be creative with my work and help others which brings me a great deal of fulfilment.