Meet The Team


The swimming pool was pretty much my babysitter growing up. I spent endless hours fooling around in the pool and tormenting the lifeguards. So, naturally it made sense to become one myself.

I started lifeguarding at 16 and shortly after began teaching swimming. I worked at the Derrick club while in University, which allowed me the opportunity to hone my teaching skills and focus in on the finite and tedious details of swimming. With countless hours in the water and close to 10 years experience I’ve become proficient at teaching all ages and skill levels.

I have since graduated University and work as a Registered Nurse in Critical Care but choose to continue coaching because I love it. Its hard to describe, but that moment when things start to click for a student brings me such tremendous joy, I’d have a hard time living without it.


Hello! My name is Andrea and I am currently in my third year of Education at the University of Alberta. I have taught swimming lessons as well as water safety for 5 years and have experience teaching people of all ages and skill levels. I also have experience working with children who have both physical and developmental disabilities.

I truly enjoy seeing my students develop their skills and techniques in the water. I get extremely excited when they exceed my expectations, overcome their fears and challenge themselves. I have always loved the water and I am thrilled for the opportunity to inspire others to feel the same!


Hello! I’m Jessica, also known as Jess, and I’ve been teaching swimming for nearly two years. My love for the water started at the age of two, and since then, I’ve honed my skills in all swimming strokes. With a calm and understanding demeanor, I find joy in assisting students in achieving their swimming goals while fostering meaningful connections with both them and their families.

Currently, I’m in my second year of studies at MacEwan University, pursuing a double major in clinical psychology and criminology. Although I’m passionate about my current studies, I aspire to transition into continuing education to further broaden my knowledge and skills.


Hello! My name is Kara, and I’m currently in my second year as a fine arts major in music theatre performance. My favourite non-swimming-related things include cats, colourful cartoons and musical theatre.

I competitively swam for 14 years for my hometown team in Grande Prairie; backstroke was always my favourite stroke. I loved the community and unity I felt when I swam, and it was always a skill I was so grateful to have had in my life. My first ever job was as a swim coach, and after a couple of years exploring the big world, I’ve decided to return to my roots to teach.

Teaching is one of my biggest passions in life. I hope always to have kids and adults alike pushing themselves to be the best they can be. It is an entirely natural response to fear the water or feel uncomfortable in it, but the satisfaction of watching someone race for the first time after months of hard work makes my heart so big. I love sharing my love of the water with the people around me and can’t wait to jump in.